Motherson Sumi Stock Analysis 09/01/2019 – Price Target & Technical Setup

As per my analysis Motherson Sumi (Mothersumi) share is in accumulation stage and its going on upward direction at the price of 130. Now the current price of the stock is Rs. 98.00. And recently the company declared dividend of 1.50 which has to be paid on  13/09/2019 to there share holders. Please read more to check important levels of the stock:-

Motherson Sumi Technical Levels :-

Here is the detailed Technical analysis of Stock Motherson Sumi – (NSE symbol Name: Mothersumi). As per the daily chart that Share/Stock is running in downward channel from March 2018. The price channel and support and resistance levels suggests Rs. 93 is very critical support level for this stock.
And also please check the analysis on given image. Currently stock price is accumulate on below line of the channel and multi years support on same level. this level is very difficult to break. 

Mothersumi Bullish Divergence:

If you check the image Bullish Divergence is also shown in the daily chart for this share. The divergence is very reliable for stocks like Motherson Sumi Ltd. And in the 97% cases after the bullish divergence the stocks has started the journey to upper direction.

Fibonacci Levels: 

On Fibonacci retracement the Motherson sumi stock retrace from the 50% level. Currently, the stock is trading at a 23.6% retracement level and it breaks this level then the next stop will be a 50% retracement level i.e. around Rs 130.

Moving Average:

Currently, the stock is trading on 20 period Exponential Moving Average and it can test 200 period moving average i.e. around Rs 135. The volume analysis suggests a delivery based buying in the stock. An investor can take a long position only if the delivery based buying begins in the stock.

Motherson Sumi Stock Analysis 09/01/2019

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