Snowman committed to providing support for the storage and distribution of food and pharmaceutical products

Snowman Logistics Limited (Snowman) is considered under the ‘essential services’ category as per the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and accordingly, all the warehouses of the Company are functional and fully operational. The
The company remains committed to providing support for the storage and distribution of essential goods to the community, especially food and pharmaceutical products.

The business of the Company has not been adversely affected and demand for storage has increased. This increase has come in from various segments such as seafood, meat, poultry, QSR products, butter, and healthcare products.

The cargo meant for export, accounting for approximately 30% of the volumes handled by Snowman, is being stored leading to an increase in warehousing occupancy.

Imported products, accounting for approximately 5% of the volumes handled by Snowman, have not been affected as these commodities are essential goods comprising of pharmaceutical products imported regularly in India during the lockdown period.

Apart from the initial few days of lockdown when transportation was affected and which is now improving slowly,
there have been no major disruptions in the operations of the Company, and Snowman is focused on providing uninterrupted services to its valued customers maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety of the personnel working at all the locations.