Saturday, 2 March 2019

Investing Guide | How to do Intraday Trading - Simple Intraday Trading Strategy

  Investing Guide | How to do Intraday Trading & Investing - Simple Intraday Trading & Investing Strategy

Intraday Trading & Investing: Intraday Trading & Investing is a day based trading or Investing where trader open and close their position in a day. And as per me Intraday Trading & Investing is a one of the only way to earn money very fast and quickely.

Intraday Trading & Investing Strategy: Intraday Trading & Investing Strategy is a technique that traders are used to trade in Interaday and earn money accordingly. And too many Intraday Trading & Investing Strategies are availbale in the market and today we have discussed very simple strategy that i am used in my intraday trading that is ORB intraday trading strategy.

ORB (Opening Range Breakout): Opening range breakout intraday trading & Investing strategy is most of the common and simple strategy that used by traders in daily Intraday Trading routine.

Below are the steps that i am used in Intraday Trading & Investing Strategy:-

  1. Wait till 09:35 AM or 20 min daily.
  2. Marked the higher and lower price of first 20min.
  3. And trade as per breakout of that range. Like if the stock price is break high of the first 20min then we trade buy side and same viceversa  if the stock price is break low of the first 20min then we trade Sell side.
  4. Please don't trade after 02:00 PM.
  5. Stop loss: Stoploss is simple if we buy then my Stoploss is low of the 20min range and same as vice versa in sell side.
  6. Target: We are book 3 times target only in a day first target is the same range of first 20min range and second target is first target + 20min range and third target is second target + 20min range.
  7. See the image for good example:-